Famous Hill Stations in The World | Top Hill Stations

Famous Hill Stations in The World | Top Hill Stations

January 31, 2019 0 By Poonam

Have you been bored with the normal schedule of  your life and feel to chill out through your life work for few days? Or do you want the enjoy a quiet vacation at the peace places? And If you like to make the best adventure of your life. So we recommend, you must be to visit the famous hill stations in the world.

During the holidays, the first thing that comes to everyone’s mind is to select any best hill station.The famous hill stations in the world covered with big greenery, high pine trees, snow-covered mountain peaks, which have existed tourists form centuries. Nature’s attraction never lets you feel satisfied and this is the reason why tourists frequently visit tourist destinations, so that you can enjoy the calm nature.

There are numerous famous hills in the world . We are trying to find out the most beautiful hill stations in the world in 2019. Here we will be created a list of famous hill stations in the world according to visitors. So that if you are planning for a tour at the top hill stations, you will be  easy to solve according to your interest.

Shimla, India

Shimla, India| Beautiful hill station in the world

Shimla, India | Beautiful hill station in the world

The Capital city of Himachal Pradesh, India. Shimla has been places as a most famous hill stations in the world for all kinds of tourist, specially for the newly married couple.  Climates is the most wonderful thing of the Shimla.  You can visit the many beautiful places in India with many beautiful hill stations.

From the snow-covered hills of the Himalayas to the jungles of the Western Ghats, the hills are a major feature of natural beauty in India.You can just plan to relax and praise the prosperity of nature. Shimla is witness to  breathtaking beauty.

Adventurous Activities: cycling and trekking, rock climbing, Rope walking, valley crossing, forest treks, rappelling etc.Who’s love to zip-zap-zoom on snow, Kufri serves all ski and ice skating intent.

Location: Shimla, India.

Height: 7,238 ft.

Time to visit Shimla: You can enjoy the holidays of Shimla Hill Station any time of the year.

Tourist Attractions in Shimla

  • Shimla Railway
  • Rashtrapati Niwas
  • Baijnath temple
  • Himalayan Bird Park
  • Jakhu Temple
  • Annandale

Bahrain, Pakistan

Bahrain, Pakistan | Best hill station in the world

Bahrain, Pakistan | Best hill station in the world

The Bahrain place is famous for its amazing landscape view and scenic beauty. climate is very cool.  It makes the perfect place to see the amazing cover of two rivers. One of the best and famous hill stations in the world.

Bahrain has a large number of hotels and restaurants, where one can stay overnight and enjoy the cool breeze of the river Substrata. Likewise, various food huts are working late into the night and serving people through delicious food dishes. Bahrain is the most beautiful place to visit.

Location:  Swat District, Pakistan

Height: At an elevation of almost 4,600 ft. height on the bank of river Swat.

Best time to Visit Bahrain: December to March And March to April

Tourist Attractions in Bahrain

  • Riverside tourist resorts
  • Local handicrafts
  • Superb view of its merging with Daras river and its Swat river

Darjeeling, India

  Darjeeling, India| Beautiful hill station in India

Darjeeling, India| Beautiful hill station in India

Queen of hill station in  India.

The main attraction of Darjeeling is the ride of the historic Toy train which makes has been declared as a heritage. One of the famous hill stations in the world and Darjeeling hills is part of the Himalayas. Famous for its large tea estates. Darjeeling has been an endless favorite for the touch of western British culture spread across this beautiful hill city among travelers around the world. Famous hill stations in the world known for its most beautiful attraction.

At this place there are many spots to explore tea gardens, waterfalls, forests, zoos along with famous freight road which is a busy local market busy with bakery and coffee shops.

Location: West Bengal, India

Height: 6,700  ft.

Best time to visit Darjeeling: February to March and September to November.

Darjeeling Tourist Attractions

  • Mount Kanchenjunga
  • waterfalls and several hills
  • The historic Toy Train makes for an unforgettable tour.
  • Senchal Lake
  • Ghoom Monastery
  • Observatory Hill
  • The Peace Pagoda
  • Tea Plantations
  • Batasia Loop

Da Lat, Vietnam

dalat, vietnam hill station

Da Lat, Vietnam hill station

This is a Vietnamese tourist destination that looks like a bridge between Vietnam and the French Alps. This place is a combination of urban and ruling culture in its buildings and people, which creates appropriate holiday spot to gain mixed experience.

The landscape of lakes spread across the vast stretch of hills and pine trees offers a very pleasant view to the tourists. In the past the French built a colony here to enjoy the cool weather and view of hills, Nowadays it is a famous hill stations in the world and visited by tourist often.

Adventure Activities:  Mountain sports like biking, hiking and canoeing.

Location: South central highlands of Vietnam.

Heights: 4,900 ft.

Best time to visit Da Lat Vietnam: January to March

Da Lat Vietnam tourist attractions

  • Rolling green grass
  • Tall pine trees, breathtaking view it has been an ideal place
  • Weather is spring-like delightful and refreshing.
  • landscape of lakes
  • vast stretch of hills
  • Langbiang Mountain
  • Da Lat Station
  • Linh Phuoc Pagoda
  • Cam Ly Waterfall
  • Valley Of Love

Thredbo, Australia

Thredbo, Australia

Thredbo, Australia

The alpine village is an attraction for the tourist to enjoy the snow and ski sports. Moreover different activities that drawn the visitors here. Visitors can experience panoramic mountain views throughout the year.

Thredbo river has air through the village. Summer blue music is a special attraction of this hill station.This is a famous hill stations in the world and  amazing tourist destination to spend your Winter.

Adventure Activities: rock climbing, cycling, trekking, Art & culture, fishing, Golf and etc and moreover other sports.

Height: 2037M.

Location: New South Wales, Australia.

Best time to visit Thredbo for snow: July- August

Best time to visit Thredbo for skiing: December-February

Tourist Attractions

  • Schuss Bar
  • Thredbo Alpine Village
  • Thredbo Valley
  • Charlotte Pass
  • Thredbo River Track
  • Fabulous food

St. Moritz, Switzerland

St. Moritz, Switzerland

St. Moritz, Switzerland| Beautiful hill station

The exact location of St. Moritz is on the southern shield of the Albula Alps below the Piz Nier. The area is wide and flat, and this snow-covered valley is a storehouse of natural beauty. If you have more time to travel in Switzerland be sure to visit most beautiful places in Switzerland.

Known for the best high alpine resort in the Engadine in Switzerland. The place offers the most amazing ski resorts and it quite costly. And that vallay is a overall package of the natural beauty, and the snowfall and sloppy hill makes it famous hill stations in the world. Tourist and visitors can enjoy sunny weather almost over the year.

Adventure activities: Artificial and natural ice skating rinks, curling, tobogganing, Nordic skiing, bobsledding, and kite skiing, plus a variety of audience sports.

Location: St.Moritz, Switzerland

Heights: almost 5,910 ft

Best time to visit in St Moritz: January to April

St Moritz Tourist Attractions

  • Snowfall
  • sloppy hulls rich entertainment
  • Winter Sports
  • Corviglia Funicular
  • St. Moritz Lake
  • Silvaplana

Grand Canyon, Arizona

Grand Canyon, Arizona

Grand Canyon, Arizona

One of the most famous hill stations in the world and most visited hill destination of the mountain lovers. Ideal for the both types of tourist who loves adventure and who loves to enjoy nature peacefully. The Grand Canyon is one of the most famous and wonderful natural attractions in America, and has been a road-tripping places for descent. If you want to travel in winter in USA, so you can check out the Most Affordable Winter Holidays in the U.S.

That Offers few full views of the bottom of the canyon and Colorado River. The Colorado River has added beauty to this sands, like the surroundings where you can enjoy nature camps, many forests and natural scenery.

Location: Arizona, USA

Heights: 7,522 ft.(2,293 m) above sea level

Best time to Visit Grand Canyon Arizona: March to May and September to November

Grand Canyon Attractions Map

  • Visitor Center and Mather Point Overlook
  • Rim Trail
  • Geological Museum
  • Hermit Road Drive
  • Bright Angel Hiking Trail
  • Wildlife Viewing

Pokhara, Nepal

Pokhara, Nepal

Pokhara, Nepal

This is a top hill stations in Nepal and one of the most famous hill stations in the world for mountain lovers. Pokhara is the beautiful hill stations in the world. From the Pokhara you can watch the clear some view of  Himalayan. Pokhara is an important old business route between China and India.

Snowfalls occurs during the months of December and January, that makes the climate very cold and delightful to experience.Tourist comes to there from all over the world and enjoy the view of snow brushy mountain peaks. An airport is available in this city which makes it easy to travel from any spot over the world.

Height: 2,713 ft.(827 m.)

Location: 200 kilometres from the Kathmandu.

Best time to visit : September to November

Tourist Attractions in Pokhara

  • Phewa Lake
  • Devi’s Falls
  • Sarangkot sunrise tour from the Pokhara
  • Bindhyabasini Temple
  • World Peace Pagoda
  • Poon Hill
  • Peace Temple
  • Begnas Lake


When you want to go for a adventure tour, the top hill stations is best for you.We hope the list of hill stations in the world will be very helpful to arrange your journey. In above article we described the famous hill stations in the World from you can get the information and make the easy and beautiful tour from the selection of your Choice. Find the beautiful hill stations according your comfort or your priority and enjoy the cool climate at your best hill stations.

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