Most romantic places in japan| Romantic weekend getaways in Japan

Most romantic places in japan| Romantic weekend getaways in Japan

January 29, 2019 0 By Poonam

Romantic places in Japan, is a famous honeymoon destinations, for newlyweds to start new life together and for new couples who are looking for the best and significant romantic weekend getaways in Japan. Japan is the land of the rising sun, which is beautiful and unique in its own way. The country is well known for its cleanest clean streets, wonderful natural attractions, cities and delicious dishes.

If you are planning the most romantic places in Japan and want to make a journey experience of a lifetime with your love. Here we have created list of the most romantic places in Japan. And if  want to visit other beautiful places in Japan, so you can get the information from Beautiful Places in Japan to Visit according to your selections.



If you want to take your loved ones on a romantic date, but want to do make something unforgettable moment, taking a helicopter charter ride over Tokyo will definitely make your romantic date even more memorable. Tokyo is one of the most romantic places in Japan with its five star hotels and world-class food, there is a lot to see and do for newlyweds in Tokyo’s metro capital Tokyo. You can make a perfect romantic weekend getaways in japan with your love of life.

As much as it seems during the day, it is yellow compared to the brightness and glow, when the sky becomes dark and the light turns on. Nothing can be done compared to the entire city of the burnt city and the night sky.

Location : Tokyo, Japan

Helicopter cost: 15, 807 RS.

Tourist Attraction in Tokyo

  • Parks and Rivers with the pink sakura tree in Spring
  • Exciting street festivals in summer
  • Gorgeous holiday lighting called ‘illumination’ in the winter.
  • Tokyo Tower’s romantic night-time view in all the year round.
  • Nijo Castle
  • Ryoanji Temple
  • Philosopher’s Walk
  • Gion District
  • Ginkakuji Temple

Best Hotels in Tokyo

  • East 21 Tokyo
  • Dai-Ichi Hotel Tokyo
  • Shinjuku Granbell Hotel
  • Sun Members Tokyo Shinjuku
  • Grand Nikko Tokyo Daiba
  • The Tokyo Station

Mt. Fuji

Mt. Fuji
Mt. Fuji

If you are search the most romantic places in Japan, and your relationship is adrenaline for romance  then growth in Mount Fuji will definitely not disappoint you. This mountain, adorned by a magnificent lake and cherry floral, is one of Japan’s most beautiful and prestigious places. And also a romantic weekend getaways in Japan for couples.

Japan did not shout like Mount, Fuji, and there is some craze about enjoying the beautiful mountain with its love in a foreign country. here are many such places that offer a boat cruise on a lake that also provides a view of Mount Fuji. If you are did not see the Mt. Fuji in your first visit please come back again to visit their because this one of the best romantic places in Japan.

Location: Mount Fuji, Japan

Mt. Fuji Tourist Attractions

  • You can enjoy a boat ride from the mountain
  • Kawaguchiko Lake
  • Fujiyoshida Sengen Shrine
  • Aokigahara Forest
  • Shiraito Falls
  • Fuji 5th Station
  • Houtou Fudou

Hotels in Mt Fuji

  • Hotel Asafuji
  • JINYA Fujikawaguchiko
  • Fuji Green
  • Oike Hotel
  • Lakeland Hotel Mizunosato
  • Sundance Resort Kawaguchiko
  • Mizuno Hotel

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This is one of the most romantic places in japan during your romantic weekend getaways in Japan with your love. Okinawa is famous for their tropical paradise and a unique culture. There are some amazing beaches of Japan.

Get ready for the sun-skin, a cocktail in your hand and a romantic show on  beaches of Okinawa with their white, sandy beaches and their clear, blue water. This is also an ideal honeymoon and romantic places in Japan. White sand and clear blue water at the Okinawa is the perfect and beautiful location for spend your time with each other.  You feel relaxed at the coast of these beaches.

Location of Okinawa:  Ryukyu Kingdom, Japan

Tourist Attractions in Okinawa

  • Gyokusendo Cave
  • Churaumi Aquarium
  • Kouri Big Bridge
  • Shuri Castle
  • Zanba Cape
  • Star Sand Beach
  • Mihama American Village
  • Kabira Bay

Hotels in Okinawa

  • Suminchu Hotel Maeshima
  • Comfort Plus
  • DoubleTree by Hilton Okinawa Chatan Resort
  • Class Inn Nago
  • Condominio Makishi Annesso
  • Emi Full Resort



The old city of Kyoto is, without any question, one of the most romantic places in Japan. Kiyomizu Dera is one of the most popular and largest temples in Kyoto, which is also liked by many couples and tourists.

In historical environments, Bass find peace in a bamboo forest or zen garden, satisfy by the ultimate in Japanese hospitality at a traditional ryokan inn, and is known as Japanese cuisine which serves food on wonderful Japanese cuisine.Officially known as Japan’s historic site and place of scenic beauty, Arashiyama Bamboo Forest is one of the most romantic places in Japan.If you are looking for a romantic weekend getaway in Japan you can go from 1st March to 29th December.

There is a small temple on the behind of the main hall in Kiyomizu Dera Temple, which is known as “the stone of love”. So, great people say that if you want to get your true love, then two biggest stones have been kept at the center of the temple. You should  the touch of first stone and if you find another stone and touch it, you will find your true love.

Location: Arashiyama Kyoto, Japan

Train ticket cost:

  • For Adults: 394 Rs and Kind : 197 RS

Train departure:

  • From Saga Station: 9Am-5:30 PM
  • From Kameoka Station: 9:30 AM-6:10PM

Kyoto Tourist Attractions

  • Breathtaking scenery of Arashiyama
  • stroll through the Bamboo Forest
  • Kinkaku-ji
  • Kiyomizu
  • Sanjūsangen
  • Kyoto National Museum and Municipal Museum of Art
  • Katsura Imperial Villa

Best Hotels in Kyoto

  • The Garnet  Hotel Kyoto station
  • Hotel Resol Kyoto Kawaramachi Sanjo
  • Suzakukan Suzaku Crossing
  • Solaria Nishitetsu Hotel Kyoto Premier
  • Sakura Terrace The Gallery

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Mint Museum

Mint Museum
Mint Museum

Located in Osaka is  one of the most romantic places in Japan,  during spring is the perfect time to visit. Because it is actually the most beautiful and delicate and the cherry blossoms in this area blossom and grow into beautiful, pink petals.

If you enjoy art, it is a really good destination to go on a simple date.You can enjoy a picnic and take it all into beauty. Although in reality, the cherry blossom blooms anywhere in Japan is a romantic place. If you and your loved ones are interested in art then  it is a great place to visit.

Location :1-79 Tenma, Kita, Osaka, Osaka Prefecture 530-0043, Japan

Established: 1969

Nearest place to visit

  • Billy Graham Library
  • Freedom Park
  • Carowinds
  • Romare Bearden Park
  • BB&T Ballpark

Nearest Hotels

  • HG Cozy Hotel No.51
  • Nagomi kokoro Village TO1.2.3
  • Imperial Hotel Osaka
  • Ever Square Doshin
  • Towers Hotel
  • Buena Vista Tenmabashi

Final Words

Japan has no lacks of beautiful and romantic places. There are many such places where you can visit the most romantic places in Japan. Whether you are on your honeymoon or just going to romantic weekend getaway in Japan, there are lots of things to do and sights to enjoy for a delightful holiday. Therefore, according to visit with your love of life, what do you say about these romantic places in Japan. Pack your bags and book your trip to decide your journey correctly and travel to the best honeymoon places and make your most important trip for the most sweetest or unforgettable moments and memories.

If you have more time to travel in Japan be sure to visit these all  places.


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